studied at the Royal Academy The Hague (1982-1987) and is an Amsterdam based portraits photographer since 1989. He works in commission for a broad spectrum of leading national and international magazines and companies. 

Over the time he has portrayed a large group of famous and influential artists, writers, musicians, actors, important politicians and royalties.
He is a member of the photo agency 'de Beeldunie

Regularly Friso completes long-term personal projects. In these series he portrays the eyewitnesses of - and those whom are connected to historical institutes and incidents.


Tito - Summer Residence

2016 - From the 1950’s onwards Tito spent his summers at Brijuni, a small archipelago along the west coast of the Istrian region of Croatia. As I see it, this former summer residence embodies the beginning and the end of the Yugoslavian dream, in which Tito firmly believed. In September 2016 I extensively photographed the summer residence of the late Josip Broz Tito, former president of Yugoslavia as it was then. With the help of a Russian researcher, months of patience and the eventual permission of the Croatian prime minister I was able to gain access to this unique place. During the Les Rencontre, Festival de la Photographie in Arles France it had its première.


2012 start of an overview of the Dutch composers of modern classical music.

Dutchbat III

2006 – 2010: a series of 68 portraits of former soldiers of the UN battalion who witnessed the drama of Srebrenica in 1995. When the project was finished it resulted in a solo exhibition in Gemak, The Hague. This was supported by the BKVB (Dutch Foundation for Visual Arts), and was published as book with the title ‘Dutchbat III’. The preface is by Ad van Liempt and all the personal stories written by Friso. Published by WBooks.

Amsterdam in woorden 

2008: solo exhibition with 60 writers portraits at the OBA (Central Library) and in mupi's all through Amsterdam during the Unesco event ‘Amsterdam Boekenstad’. Atheneum Polak published the book
 ‘Amsterdam in woorden’ with these portraits.


2001 –2003: he had the unique opportunity to work in the heavily guarded Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia(ICTY). Friso recorded a view behind the scenes. This project became asuccessful solo exhibition in Fotomuseum Den Haag in 2005 / 2006. It was supported by Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst. The portraits were nominated for the ECB Photo Award and were published in the catalogue 'Europe'and exhibited in Cologne and Frankfurt in 2008. Portraits were a part of the exhibition 'GoodCause' at Stroom The Hague.


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